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I've been looking for ways to clean up my DA, so I that I will have more time to give attention to my friends here on DA, i.e. you!  This cleaning got too complicated and too time-consuming so I've decided to simplify it:

From today I will only be watching:

1.  Friends, i.e. deviants like you where we watch each other, and their deviations and journals.  
2.  New people who I believe have the potential to become friends, or with whom I would like to be friends.  If they ''friend'' me within 6 months they will go on to my ''permanent'' friends list.  In the unfortunate, and I hope unlikely, event that they do not wish to ''friend'' (watch) me within 6 months, they will be removed very gently (and very respectfully!) from my watch list.  I really think this is very fair, but if anyone disagrees, I am very happy to listen to their opinion and consider it.

Almost all of my favourites will now be chosen from these people's deviations.

Llamas are fun, and they are a cute little bonus, but friends (i.e. watchers) and favourites and comments from these friends are much more important to me.

I will eventually place this announcement on my DeviantID so that there is a "permanent" note of this.  If any new people want me to see, favourite or comment on their Deviations, please Watch me or message me to get on my Friends list.  Thank you all for your support!  :iconheartpinkplz:

P.S.  I am often a little late with replies for reasons out of my control, but I always get there as soon as I can!  ^^ xoxo
One of a small number of friends for whom I bought 3 months Premium Membership was very appreciative at first and has now over a year later blocked me for no good reason I can think of at all.  I've been trying hard to work it out.  I had no reason to believe they'd do that.  I think it is really rude and uncaring.

I have also recently been blocked, for no reason I can think of at all, by someone to whom I had given a lot of points to for her literature competitions, and from whom I had received a really positive critique via the most excellent group, GrammarNaziCritiques (to which I responded very positively) and a :heart: in one of her messages.

My response to all this has been to change my approach to giving points, Premium Membership and favourites and to give more of my time to those people who appreciate my work sufficiently to consider it worth watching.  <3

What is going on?


Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
In the last few days, at least 3 Deviants have thanked me for a "Watch" when I haven't given one or maybe I have made a few mistakes. I don't know how this happened. But my apologies on behalf of "Wicked Glitch of the West". I have spent many hours in the last few days burning the midnight oil reorganising my faves and friends, so if the "wicked glitches" are my fault, then I sincerely apologise on behalf of myself. ;)

I'm not very good at tags.

LOVES being WATCHED and favourited.
Never judge a man by his umbrella (except mine, maybe).

NOTE: All of my photos, drawings and literature are very precious to me. Please do not copy or steal them, or use them in any way without asking me first AND getting my agreement.

United Kingdom

Name: David
Age: Yes
Sex: Yes - sorry, I mean Male
Orientation: I like both (that is girls AND women ) = heterosexual
Nationality : British
Favourite girls' names: 1. Alicia, 2. Martha, ... there are others
Favourite boys' names: 1. David, 2. Dave, ... there are others
Country of Abode: England (United Kingdom)
Appearance: Good loooking
Modesty Level: Very high
My Attitude to Love and Respect for Women: This sums it up very well:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FIRST thing I must say to all my friends on DeviantArt is: If you don't feel good, or you feel unhappy or depressed, check (properly) to find out if you have any amalgam fillings in your teeth. Get them removed (NOT by a standard dentist - drilling into them to remove them would be VERY dangerous). Tell me and I can give you advice on which specialists are "qualified" (i.e.with the knowledge, the belief that mercury is toxic " ", and specialist equipment) to do this safely. (There are NOT many in the world, but they DO exist in the UK and the USA). Do NOT take the word of any dentist (the majority) who tells you that amalgam fillings are safe. They have been given false information on this, so don't blame them TOO much either.

You may find that you feel worse at certain times eg chewing gum or being at the computer screen. Mercury vapour is released from amalgam fillings in large quantities in both cases (by screen magnetism and friction of chewing) etc.

Nothing annoys me more than the public being deliberately lied to or deceived by bullies who have been elected by covert guile.

One of the most bizarre aspects to this is that many people do not realise that ALL amalgam (or "silver") fillings contain about 50% mercury. My question is WHY. Where is honesty and openness, let alone informed consent - that seems to have gone out of the window or out with the trash?

Hi! I'm Dave and I am a trainee trillionaire. I've been training for quite a while! Don't sound too surprised.

CAVEAT: What I tell you about myself is not necessarily in any order of importance or any other order, other than the order in which I write/wrote them here. There may be things of greater, or lesser, importance than what I write here.

I prefer to specialise in knowing things that are generally not known by the general public, because it is less boring and more interesting as well as being highly beneficial. This could lead to dull conversation. I am therefore fortunate to have a very expansive range of interests (I won't say knowledge, as that would be arrogant, misleading and as far as I am concerned, untrue).

If you know more about me than that, great!

I have visited Japan three times so far and Portugal twice in the last 12 months and these are two of my fave places to visit. I've been to many other places, sometimes on holiday. There are plenty of places I have not visited (yet).

I enjoy languages. At the moment I am learning Japanese and Portuguese (mainly Brazilian). I did French to university degree level and I speak Spanish (mainly Mexican and Venezuelan varieties). At school one of my fave subjects was Latin - very long time ago! Although I have a first and a higher degree I was a bit of a "late developer" and I am strongly against children being wrongly judged or graded at too young an age and for the wrong reasons. I am told that my IQ is almost off the scale (in the high 160's) but I don't believe IQ is relevant or too important, in fact it is meaningless without a broad range of intelligence skills, e.g. social and emotional, practical, etc., so I prefer to develop those.

I am interested in butterflies, but also all wildlife. Worldwide, my favourite butterfly by a very long way is the White Admiral which is exquisitely and uniquely beautiful in its graceful woodland flight only a matter of inches above the bracken under dappled shade. Fortunately this beautiful creature can still be found in British woodlands as it has not yet been discovered by unscrupulous government "environment" or transport departments or other assassin developers.

I am interested in Signal Detection Theory, its applications and its application.

I am interested in Forensic Linguistics and Patterns, so if you are, for example, American and say you are Australian or a man and say you're a woman, I might smell a rat, or if you're really clever and get someone to write your journal for you, you'll have to get them to write everything else too and possibly even produce the art for you! hee hee

I enjoy the subject area of Applied Secrets. It is an area of great interest to me and I find it very useful in all aspects of life. I am not however a secretive person and, like most normal people, I get a bit wary, suspicious and untrusting of people who are.

One of my ambitions since I was a young child is to build a school in the UK for disadvantaged children. I also want to spread the word about, and have a lot of knowledge about Narcolepsy. I am aware that Narcolepsy can strike children and teenagers at almost any age. It may be, or often is, mistaken for laziness, or "poor attitude", attention disorders and in teenagers and young or older adults, depression or other psychiatric conditions. Narcolepsy is much more common than GPs and Psychiatrists in the UK realise, so much so that only ONE case in ten of young people in the UK who suffer from this condition are diagnosed correctly and of the rest, some may be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. This leads to poor performance in School and Social life, to incorrect, inappropriate and dangerous medication and treatment, to bullying, and to a very unfair start in a competitive world. I want this situation to change. So please favourite this Journal and spread the word. A useful routine screening test for narcolepsy hasn't so far been developed, but the HLA-DR2 test can at least show if someone CANNOT have Narcolepsy and can be a starting point for further tests if positive. 25% of the total population test positive for this, but 100% of people with Narcolepsy test positive! So with a negative result, Narcolepsy can be ruled out with certainty. A positive result is much less clear to interpret.

I am vehemently against bullying, both of children and of adults. I believe that secret work is sometimes necessary or essential to deal with bad people, bad groups and bad organisations who themselves act in secret, including Extremely Serious Globally Organised Crime. My idea of bliss is or would be to create outcomes, solutions and situational remedies for people in need of them in any corner of the world I choose without even leaving home.

I remember once being almost in danger of taking myself seriously. Not a good idea!

I believe that whatever the field, a good amateur is usually better than an average professional, and that a person can be capable of being a "good amateur" in more than one area and, depending on the person's abilities, in some cases a large number of areas.

I believe, and have good reasons for doing so, that women will save the world from futile wars and from further destruction of the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, caused mainly by men, which have almost brought this world to total environmental devastation and which are presently in secretly silenced crisis.

There is an awful lot more to say, some of which I can, some of which I can't and some of which I won't..

BUT: Here's a message I wrote in this Journal in June 2012:
Uma Mensagem Para TODAS As Minhas Amigas No dA
(Un Mensaje Para todas Mis Amigas En dA):
The Very Happeeeee --------- Exceedingly Happeeeeee Scale (very scientifically based):
If u fave my art because u like it, wow I'm very happee>>
If u fave my art because u love it, I'm ecstatic>>>
If u fave my art because u like me, I'm crazy happee>>>>
If u fave my art because u love me, I'm "Snuffles" in "Quick Draw Mcgraw"(cartoon)>>>>>
If u fave my art because u like it & u like me, I'm in Fourth Heaven>>>>>>
If u fave my art because u love it & u like me I'm in Fifth Heaven>>>>>>>
If u fave my art because u like it & u love me I'm in Sixth Heaven>>>>>>>>>
If u fave my art because u love it & u love me I'm in Seventh Heaven>>>>>>>>>>
If you just love me, I'm in Eighth Heaven>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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You're welcome.  I would have found that quite an exciting sight, but I have never seen anything like it.  I have seen the northern lights ages ago, interestingly from the south coast of England, not the ideal viewing place!  But nothing like that!! It looks really spectacular!  You are fortunate to see such lovely phenomena regularly!  :D
LASKANWLF Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Well I don't see them regularly NOW, since I moved from Alaska back in 1992. Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the BEST places in the world to view the northern lights. hence why they have a whole university and research center located there to study this phenomena. :nod:  Sometimes those lights would light up the night sky so brightly that we'd see them reflecting off the snow on the ground. =D  They sure were beautiful to watch...especially when they'd turn different colors and visually flap like a set of technicolor drapes flowing in the wind. :love:  
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